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These stories, at times are long, please scroll thru: you perhaps will locate yourself in these pages and be encouraged...Sandy Heller



June 2014

Just a note of thanks to let you know how refreshing it was to deal with a
straight shooter like yourself.  Fancy Ann Drifter was the first horse I
have purchased without seeing or riding first.  After speaking with you and
your wife I was confident that you were representing the horse honestly and
I was right, Fancy turned out to be great even better than I expected.  What
a great buying experience it turned out to be!  Over the past 30+ years I
have purchased horses in Montana, Idaho, Florida, and Arizona but dealing
but with Twister was the best. In the future when purchasing a horse I will
definitely go to Twister first.
Thanks again for your honesty and candor.
Gary Ross
Sonoita, AZ

June 2014

Good morning Twister and Sandy,

In January of this year my wife of 45 years past away.  In April I went to spend the month with Twister and Sandy on their ranch in Arizona.  It was probably the best decision I have ever made.  I have always loved horses and wanted to learn more about them.  Twister spent a lot of time with me, helping me to understand what I did not know, and teaching me about the horses, how they learn, and how to connect to them on a personal level.  Everyone on his staff was friendly, personable, and a joy to be with.  After a very short time it felt like home and I looked forward to each day.

The most important thing I learned while at the ranch was how to deal with losing my wife.  Spending time alone with the horses each day was great therapy.  Popeye and Gizmo, the two horses I spent the most time with were great listeners and made me feel special every day when I would see them.

I learn a lot about horses from Twister.  He has worked with them so long that he understands how to communicate in a kind compassionate manner.  He taught me the right way to ride, how to understand when the horse is confused, and how to communicate what you want the horse to do.  With the proper technique most horses learn very quickly and in a very gentle manner.

If you want to know how to work with horses in a very effective manner, or have lost a loved one and want to find a great way to make it through the adjustment, then I highly recommend Twister's program.  It is an experience  I will always remember.

Frank Washburn

PS  Tell Uriah, Jud and Lydia hello for me.  I enjoyed working with them and miss them.  Give Quizno some alfalfa for me.


Bitsy Vaught


Bitsy wrote: "I've rode horses all my life. Most of which nobody else wanted to ride. Broke a few and been broke too. But I gotta say, the $$ spent sending Leppê to Twister Heller was money well spent! bombproof...goodpony...surefooted...truegrit"

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Hello from the Flying UW!!
Hello Sandy, Twister  & Jud!!
I know this may come out as a very odd email but.... I would like to thank all three of you again for the time & personal judgement you have put into our colts! I cannot tell you enough that we are so very appreciative of the program you all implement in training them, and the piece of mind it has brought both myself & my parents knowing that I'm not going to be a gully plug somewhere out on the ranch that they are going to have to hunt up.  Your honesty & respect above all has been most appreciated.  I am forever grateful since these qualities are so rare now a days.  Please tell Jud & Twister & especially yourself thank you for being who and what you are.


Hope you all are doing well and are happy.


Katie Cline

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student from Switzerland

Mirjam Dunkel: Switzerland

In Twister's Training Program I learned a lot about training horses, cutting and reining. How to start a unbroken or a problem horse.
I came all the way from Switzerland to Twister and Sandy’s Ranch and planned on staying one month but I ended up staying a half a year. I was around a lot of nice people. I learned so much how to understand and to train a horse in western. I am able to train a horse now and explain at the same time why I am doing this and what will happening if I do it not this way.
If you want to learn cutting, reining or to ride in this beautiful country I think this will be the best place !!!
I know that I will come back- as soon as I can!

Many Regards: Mirjam

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Nelson Garber: New Mexico

A one-month Twister will get you started in the right direction. However, three or four months, like I did, is definitely better. Twister gave me a good foundation in starting colts mixed with a lifetime of cowboy savvy. I didn't grow up on a ranch but now I'm punching cattle on the high plains of New Mexico. My experience at the Heller's definitely gave me a foundation for my current job and only time will tell the impact it will have on my future.

Nelson Garber,
Datil, New Mexico

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this school helped me in my job

affordable schooling fees

Sandy Shultz: Vacaville, Ca

After deciding to get involved in horse training, I ran across Twisters web site and as soon as I read it I knew this is where I needed to go to get my education. I was one of those "experienced" horse people which meant I had experience in staying on my horses some of the time, and a well behaved horse was one that eventually stopped when asked after of course pulling a few muscles in my arms from cranking on the reigns, or one that would go along fine as long as I was doing what he wanted.
After the first day of my stay with Twister and Sandy Heller, I had gotten the feeling that my "experienced" self was right where I needed to be.
Twisters way with horses is amazing. To watch him work with the horses was captivating to say the least. His quiet, humble and dedicated way of training produces not only great horses with solid foundations, but he is gifted in working with people as well. Twisters years of experience and patient, kind manner make him a fantastic horseman and mentor. He not only teaches the "how to's," but explains them in a way that I could understand and allowed me to work right along side him all the while having more patients with me than I think most would.
Twister and Sandy made me feel at home instantly and after spending my first 30 days there, I found it hard to have to leave. The program itself was exactly what I needed in my education, but the friendship and genuine caring way of these folks was an unexpected blessing.
I have had the pleasure of returning to the Hellers any chance I can get to continue my education in horsemanship and can say not many days go by in between that I don't think to myself "what would Twister do?" when working with horses.
I now am not only a better horsewoman, and rider but have begun a career with horses and I have Twister and Sandy to thank for that.
I highly recommend this training program to anyone who may wish to learn a thing or two about horse handling, riding and training. Anyone would benefit from a visit to the ranch and two of the best people I am very fortunate to call my friends.

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Fran Smith: Yuma, Az Barrel Racer 2005

Our experience with Twister Heller's training has been nothing but positive. We have many experiences to report about Twister. A few years ago, I sent a horse to Twister. The horse was terrified to be ridden out on trail, and he was just too much for me in that respect. By the time Twister put just 60 days on him, he was a whole different guy. I could ride him out on trail without wondering just where we would end up or fearing for my safety. If it weren't for Twister, I'd have had to sell that horse. As it is, I still have and use that horse today with great success.

A few months ago, we sent a three year old to Twister. This colt is one of our prized barrel prospects. From Twister's, we took the colt to Wendy McKenzie ( Lynn McKenzie's daughter) for professional barrel training. After Wendy had ridden this colt once or twice, she called and said, " Who started this colt?! Whoever put a handle on him sure did a superb job!" The McKenzies report that the handle put on our young horse has made him nothing but easy to train to barrels.

We have also referred Twister Heller to others. I have yet to have anyone say that they weren't just completely satisfied with the way their horse came home. Recently, one of my own clients took a young horse to Twister for their daughter. This mare returned to my clients stone gentle, and ready for the little girl to ride which she does often and with great success.

WE just cannot say enough good about the training and techniques that Twister uses. He treats a horse in a kind, gentle, but firm manner. Horses come away from Twister's schooling WANTING to work. If we had sent just one horse to Twister, perhaps it could be considered luck or that the horse was "easy", but that is not the case. We have many experiences of our own and the experiences of our own clients to testify to Twister's down to earth training. We have solid horses who each speak volumes of truth about Twister Heller. Horses never lie.

If anyone would like to contact us about our experiences with the Hellers, please feel free to call or e mail.

Fran Smith
928-539-9508 or
email nealenesmith@hotmail.com

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completely transformed me & my horses Kim Croutear: England 

"I spent a wonderful six weeks training alongside Twister. Having had a
purely English riding background I had a lot to learn, but Twister just has
a gift for making what he teaches so easy to understand. I felt I massively
improved my riding and completely transformed my attitude towards training
horses. Overall I have become more structured and objective in my training -
which is helping me no end now, back at home in England with my own
competition horses. I was also made to feel like one of the family and was
treated to wonderful home cooking and plenty of my own space. I loved every
minute of my time at Twister's ranch and can't wait to get back there!"

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learn about training horsesSara Gorsky: Oregon Sept

"I learned a lot from this program. It has greatly improved my riding, and helped me to continue the training on my own horses. It also gave me a better understanding of the way horses think and react in different situations. Twister can teach you how to put a good foundation on your horse, no matter what discipline you ride. I had plenty of time to practice what I had learned, plenty of horses to ride, and I learned more than I thought possible in the month I was here. If you love to ride, and want to learn about training horses, then this is the place to be. I was around lots of great people, and lots of great horses, I just wish I hadn’t have had to leave so soon."

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