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We did our fall roundup....temperatures were still awful hot, but got our little bunch gathered, sorted & branded. We are still on our summer split shifts here....start very early in the morning. Have an early lunch, get a good nap & finish up in the afternoon. The crew has been great....we all hate the heat so we appreciate they work well with our scheduling. Looking forward to cooler weather.....Adios for now...Sandy.

Visit our website video page for previews of what you can expect from our horse training program & horses for sale and/or sold thru our videos.



This is our reputation:

Honest job... Honest price... Durn good horse!

Working Ranch setting, we sell ranch horses, train horses,work cattle, train students. Our mares are turned out, the babies grow up outside. Our program gives horses a well balanced life, they are not penned up in a stall. Those in training get 25-27 days of riding each month: outside miles and arena exercises.

Let’s get serious about excellence in horses and horsemanship.Twister's Philosophy



Pray for our Troops, God Bless the USA !!



Twister & Sandy Heller
Twister & Sandy


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and AQHA Professional Horseman

Alittle about Mrs. Heller....

I am one of these gals who has lived long enough & is truly blessed & grateful to enjoy this western cowboy lifestyle.

From as long as I can remember I dreamed of being married to a cowboy, ranching & anything that had to do with a horse…I wasn’t born horseback but started riding in early high school years….hooked for life. Western lifestyle is a “disease, of which there is no cure!.”

In 1985 I married Twister Heller & we both worked our hardest for whatever we found to do. Between the two of us we have 3 children: Traci Beck (Texas), Lisa Livingston (Georgia) & Jud (here with us on the facility). We finished raising a family, we prospered & starved out some too, which was a great inspiration to launching Twister’s horse training business in 1994. He was always training horses on no matter what outfit he worked but we had dreams of having a home of our own. We camped in an old batchlor’s camp (also known as the “Sugar Shack”) north of Congress,Az, worked hard & took care of the camp & took care of business. The pens were great, the shack was just that…a shack but we had a lot of hope.

Now, I don’t tote buckles or titles of any special recognition except did a lot of what has to be done from riding horses, grooming horses, chores, cooking for a crew. I am what you call also a “Domestic Engineer, Office Manager & Webmaster (sort of) & Video Media Specialist.” All of this resume gets me an “on call” degree in the business of life. I doctored plenty of cowboys & a husband who is in pretty good shape for 69 yrs old this year.

Well, to sum it all up: There are plenty of memories, some wonderful, some I’d rather forget, but most of all I am a blessed lady. The hard work never did scare me, in my younger days it was how I survived, then found out it was a life preference….just never figured out how to get paid well for it!!! At least not in payrolls….but, today, I can declare we have seen “the goodness of God in the land of the living”…I love our lifestyle.



Disclaimer For Student & Trainers: Equine training can be a hazardous activity which may subject the participants to possible serious injury. Twister Heller, Sandy Heller and their associates will not assume any liability for your activities. Our schooling provides you with a supervised, professional approach ranging from general information to advanced information, instruction and techniques that may not be suitable for everyone. No warranty is given regarding the suitability of this information, the instructions, and techniques to you or other individuals acting on their own behalf.

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